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We currently accept:



Bitcoin lightning.  

You can learn more about them and how to pay here

For most people litecoin should be the best choice for making
purchases on RealSync. It has extremely small fees and fast processing
times. For more information, please look at our Digital currency guide

Gift cards can be purchased with a debit / credit card, PayPal,
or via direct bank transfer. To inquire about a gift card purchase,
contact us via email here:  

To use a gift card, you enter your gift card code in the promo box on the right hand side at checkout.

  • Gift cards never expire
  • Gift cards can be stacked. If you have a $20 gift card and a $5 gift card, you can add both to pay for a $25 order.


Once payment is successfully received, delivery time varies
based on payment method.  Read below for expected and maximum delivery

Expected delivery times:

Litecoin: 8 minutes

Bitcoin Lightning: ~1 minute

Bitcoin: 40 minutes

Maximum delivery times

Litecoin: 3 hours

Bitcoin Lightning: 3 hours

Bitcoin: 1 day

If you have exceed the listed maximum delivery times please contact us .

Please note that in the case of bitcoin, processing time can vary heavily based on how much network fees you've paid. 

RealSync will email you download links to all your purchases. In addition, you can download your syncs from either your Library or your account page as detailed below:

Purchases only include the Sync (also known as an interactive script). In order to use the sync
you will also need the video that sync was designed for. The vendor
selling the sync will provide a link on the product page to the official
website where you can download the video.

You can check the status of your order on your account page.

To your far left you have your order number, which you can click to bring up additional details for that order and to access downloads for that order.

They payment status field will either be unpaid or paid. Unpaid indicates that payment has not yet processed.

The fulfillment status will indicate whether download links have been sent out or not. If the field is marked as fulfilled then your digital links have been sent to your registered email address.

Site Info

You can contact RealSync directly here! If you want to contact a vendor go to their vendor page and click the contact button.

For a full list please go here.

From your Library page you can see all of the syncs you've purchased and jump to their respective download and product pages.

To navigate your Library:

Click and drag (or swipe for mobile users) to navigate through your library. Alternatively you can do the same with the arrows on the top left and right of the page are provide

Click or tap on the product picture / name to view the product's page.

Click or tap on View Order to see the order page / download.

The Hall of Fame memorializes the best syncs in any given month. This is a good place to start if you want to know what's good.

RealSync has a favorite system that lets you demonstrate your favor for scripts and scripters that you like.

To favorite a product, all you need to do is click the heart symbol on that product's page.

To favorite a vendor, do the same on that vendor's store page.

You can view all your favorited scripters and scripts from your account page.

RealSync greatly values customer feedback. You can provide feedback directly to RealSync by going to our Contact Us page.

You can also leave feedback for a
vendor on their profile page. Simply go to their profile page (found on
the navigation bar as Vendors) and click the feedback tab.

If you've had a negative experience, please contact the vendor or RealSync directly before you leave negative feedback we have a chance to fix the issue you had. is an interactive script marketplace where vendors sell their scripts. These scripts contain position information that is used with interactive devices like The Handy, Fleshlight Launch, and many more.

RealSync prides itself on quality and vendors are vetted to ensure they meet minimum quality guidelines before being allowed
to sell to ensure they meets our customers expectations. 

Problem Solving

download error is typically the result of an order not having finished
processing yet.  This issue is typically resolved by waiting a few
minutes and trying again.

Otherwise please ensure that your order is marked as paid and fulfilled in your user dashboard. If it is not that means the order is still processing. Please look here for a list of maximum wait times.  

If you have already waited longer than the maximum expected wait time, please contact us. Be sure to include your order number to expidite the process.

If you can't see any download links where they'd normally appear
please ensure that your ad blocker / script blocker isn't preventing
them from loading. In addition, if you have a firewall / DNS sinkhole
these could potentially block some functionality. You can whitelist and to avoid issues. In addition,
please ensure you are using an updated browser. Internet Explorer and
it's older versions are not fully supported and guaranteed to work.

1. Ensure that your payment is done processing in your account page.

2. Check your spam and ensure your email provider isn't blocking any
emails from RealSync. (specifically and

3. Try downloading your order through your account page or your library.

4. If none of the above works, contact support.

Please check out our Timing Guide to ensure you are getting the best experience. 

As Syncing involves some creative license, not all vendors will sync
all strokes and there may be variances to the way they sync a video. 
That said we do expect vendors to maintain a certain quality level. If
you feel like a vendor's Syncs are missing many strokes or are poorly
timed, contact the vendor through their store page or us here first. In addition you can leave a vendor review by going to the vendor's store page, although we only recommend this as a last resort.

This happens when the amount sent is less than the purchase
total.  The cause of this issue is typically using fiat to calculate how
much crypto to send. For example, suppose you send $10 USD worth of
crypto. Depending on which exchange and when you send that crypto the
value will change. To avoid this issue altogether, it's recommend to
simply send the amount in requested in crypto. For example if 0.127 LTC
(litecoin) is requested, send that amount.  

To fix an underpayment, simply follow the instructions provided in
the email you recieved detailing the underpayment. Alternatively, you
can also cancel the transaction but network fees can not be returned.


Follow the setup guide we made here!

A scipt, also known as a interactive script or sync is a file programmed for a specific video that sends commands to an
interactive device (like the launch) to synchronize what's going on in the video with your device.

In short, a sync puts you in the action as if you were really there.

Yes, you can request a paid sync by directly contacting a vendor through their store page. You can find a list of all vendors here

Alternatively you can contact RealSync directly from the Contact Us
form and will we ask our vendors if one of them wants to take on the
request. Make sure to include the name of the video/s you want sync'd
and a max budget.

Please only send one message per request.

Hardware Requirements

(Kiiroo Keon / Launch only) A BLE (Bluetooth low energy) enabled Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter (some PCs and laptops come with this integrated)

A PC meeting a minimum specification of 4GB of RAM and a Dual Core
Processor (i5 2500).  For VR users, please follow the minimum
requirements for the HMD that you own.

An Interactive device (for example, The Handy or FL Launch).

[VR Users only] A VR Headset

 Software Requirements

.Net Framework 4.6.2

Windows 10 (creators update 15063 or newer).  Windows 7 does not support the full feature set and may not function correctly

[VR Users only] VR Video playback software (like whirligig)

You will also need a sync and the corresponding video file. The
corresponding video file is the video the sync is designed to work with.
On every sync page you can find a link to that video under "Official
Video Here: "  You can find Free Syncs here!


You can find our entire refund policy here.

Due to the nature of digital items, most orders cannot be canceled after payment is sent or is on the blockchain.