Setup Guide

This guide will show you how to play interactive syncs (also known as scripts / funscripts) for both VR and non-VR users on a variety of devices.

Follow the steps in order to complete setup. Sections highlighted Red are to be completed only if you meet the named requirement.  For example, the section "B) For Handy users:" is only for users that are setting up a handy.  For users setting up a different device, they may skips sections that do not apply to them.

Here is a link to the official guide for The Handy device.



Before beginning, make sure you meet all the prerequisites. 

Hardware Requirements

  • (Kiiroo Keon / Launch only) A BLE (Bluetooth low energy) enabled Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter (some PCs and laptops come with this integrated)

  • A PC meeting a minimum specification of 4GB of RAM and a Dual Core Processor (i5 2500).  For VR users, please follow the minimum requirements for the HMD that you own.

  • An Interactive device (The Handy, Fleshlight Launch).

  • [VR Users only] A VR Headset

 Software Requirements

  • .Net Framework 4.6.2

  • Windows 10 (creators update 15063 or newer).  Windows 7 does not support the full feature set and may not function correctly

  • [VR Users only] VR Video playback software (like whirligig)

You will also need a sync and the corresponding video file.  You can find Free Syncs here! You can find more info here.


Step 1:  Install ScriptPlayer

Download Here then run the installer

Step 2: Connect to your interactive device

A) For FL Launch users:   Start ScriptPlayer and then turn on your device.  You should see a blinking blue light on the launch.  Next, connect to your launch from script player by going to "Devices > Connect Launch Directly". 

B) For Handy users:  Press and hold the Wifi button on your handy until you see a blinking blue light.  This indicates the device is in WiFi mode.

(Skip to section B2 if you already have your connection key) 

Now connect to your handy via WiFi from your PC or Phone.  The network name of the handy will be something like "Handy setup - m5ZWg5PS", no password is required. When connected a web page should come up automatically or you can type into your browser if it does not.  Once connected make sure to record your connection key (bottom of the page) and then disconnect.  Now open script player and click on Settings > The Handy

Enter in your Handy's key and select

(optional) Alternatively input your PC's IP address (win key + cmd > ipconfig, it'll be the IPv4 address of your wireless adapter) and select local.

B2) Last, with your handy on and in wifi mode click Devices > Connect to Handy Directly.  Only if you followed the optional step to use local script hosting, ensure that your handy and PC are on the same WiFi network.


C) For other devices:  Download Intiface and install it using the default settings.  In Intiface from the Server Status tab click Start Server. 

Now in script player click Devices > Buttplug / Intiface > Connect and then Devices > Buttplug / Intiface > Scan for Devices (Ensure that your device is in interactive mode)


Step 3: Playing interactive videos

First and foremost make sure both your sync and it's corresponding video have the same name and are in the same folder.  If your sync is in an archive, extract it first.  The actual sync file should have a .funscript extension.

A) For VR users: In script player click "Video Player" on the top menu and select the VR video player you use.  For this guide we will be using Whirligig.

Open whirligig, open the menu and go to "Settings > Playback > Advanced" and Tick "TimeCode Server".   ScriptPlayer's main screen should indicate that it is connected.


 Now just click on the highlighted box shown in the image below and navigate to and load your video.


B) For Non-VR users: Simply drag and drop the video into Script Player.  It should notify you of completion.

Basic setup for VR and Non-VR is complete!  Your Interactive device will now sync to movements on screen!  If you notice that strokes are too early or late, check out our Timing Guide.

Tips and Help

  • If you are using a USB bluetooth adapter and experiencing problems, ensure that it is plugged into a USB 2.0 port.  USB 3.0 can sometimes cause interference issues.

  • Bluetooth performs best with line of sight and small travel distances.  Often times a USB extension cable is a good investment if you want optimal performance.

  • If you are having issues with ScriptPlayer connecting to your FL Launch, ensure that windows isn't directly connected.  This interferes with ScriptPlayer's ability to connect with the device.

  • The Auto-Skip Gaps feature of script player does not work with Whirligig.  Use Fill Gaps with movement instead (Settings > Gaps > Fill Gaps with movement).  1000ms = 1s

  • When using Script Player with Whirligig, Script Player may have to be forced closed in some instances.