Digital Currency Quick Start Guide

We know that digital currencies like Bitcoin and litecoin can be intimidating for many.  This guide was created to make paying with them on RealSync as easy as possible.

First, let's start off with basic definitions.

Digital currency (Cryptocurrency) - Virtual currency that can be used to pay for goods / services.  A public ledger called the blockchain keeps track of all transactions.

Wallet - A piece of software (or sometimes hardware) that stores digital currency.

Wallet Address - A sequence of letters and numbers that indicate where the digital currency is going to be sent to.  Often times, a new wallet address will be generated for each transaction.  A single wallet can have almost unlimited addresses. 

Exchange - An online service used to buy and sell digital currencies.  Most exchanges have a wallet built in.

Transaction Time - The time required to process a transaction


This guide was created for the US market.  Steps may vary depending on which country you live in.

Below are the digital currencies we accept and their advantages / disadvantages to the right, please click on which you'd like to use to continue the guide.

Litecoin - 5 - 15 minute transaction time, very low transaction fees (recommended)

Bitcoin - 15 - 60 minute transaction time, mid to high transaction fees, well known.