Litecoin setup guide

Pick where to buy Litecoin from

Coinbase - Flat $0.99 fee - Instant


Coinbase Pro - 0.5% fee - 9 day waiting period for new accounts

Buying on RealSync with Litecoin

1) Add Syncs to your cart and proceed to checkout.

2) Select Coinbase Commerce during checkout and click complete order.

3) If you have a coinbase account you can select "Pay with Coinbase".  This will prompt you to login to your account.  Once logged in, simply follow the prompts to complete payment.




Alternatively, you can select "Litecoin" during step 3 instead of "Pay with Coinbase".  This will bring you to the screen on the right.

a) For Coinbase Pro: While logged in and at your dashboard: click "Withdraw" then "LTC" then "Crypto Address".

   For Coinbase: While logged in and at your dashboard: Click "Pay" then under "Pay with" select Litecoin.

b) Copy the amount and address from the checkout page into the appropriate field in coinbase (The "To" field is the address field in coinbase) and click through to complete.  Done!  You will get a page notifying you that the transaction is still pending.  You may close out of that page, you will receive an email when your order is finished.  You can also check order status here.