Buy litecoin from coinbase

a) Create a Coinbase Account. You can do so here. Follow the instructions on screen to create your account. (Exact steps here)

b) When logged into the coinbase home page, click Buy Crypto (middle-right). Follow the steps on screen to verify your account.

c) Click on your profile picture at the top right hand side then "Settings". On that new page click "Payment Methods" (top-middle). Click "Link a New Account" (Top-right) then "Debit Card". Follow the on screen instructions.

d) Last step is to buy the Litecoin.  From the Coinbase homepage when logged in click "Buy / Sell" (Top-right).  Under Buy click "Litecoin".  Enter in the amount of USD you wish to spend plus a little extra to cover fees (0.04 to 0.10 USD for larger amounts) and click "Buy Litecoin"

That's it. Litecoin should be in your account instantly! Finish the last two easy steps of the guide here.